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Welcome to the online world of Bulldog TV.

Bulldog English present our own series of children’s stories created to encourage children to experience English for pleasure.

Each episode follows the adventures of the young dragon Smokey Scales and his friends. These short tales have been especially designed for children aged 8-11 years.

Smokey Scales' Halloween Horror

Smoky and Amelia take a short-cut home from school and find themselves in the middle of a spooky Halloween horror story…. or do they?

The Curse of the Golden Chicken

A chicken goes missing and Dragon Valley seems cursed. Can Smokey and Milly solve the mystery of the Curse of the Golden Chicken before it’s too late?

The Comet that came to Tea

A comet is heading to Dragon Valley. Smokey Scales and friends face the end of the world….or do they?

The Wolf in the Well

A little girl gets lost in the forest on her way to get water from  a well and meets a friendly wolf… or does she?